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Leadership Growth Hacks
A Guide for Emerging Leaders to Think Differently, Kick-Start Performance, and Get Ahead Quicker

By David Belman

Being proactive about your professional development can make a huge impact on your career trajectory, but so many leaders struggle to determine where to focus. They learn through trial and error, which can be an arduous journey that wastes precious time. In Leadership Growth Hacks, David Belman reveals simple but powerful tactics for accelerating progress and making a bigger impact faster.

David is a successful entrepreneur, business leader, and enthusiastic mentor to emerging leaders. As a second-generation home builder, he began selling high-end homes when he was 17. (No pressure, right?) In his 20s, he risked his savings buying land and building model homes.

Gaining leadership experience so early in his career was transformative, to say the least, but 20 years into business, David still hadn’t scratched the surface. That is until he discovered the secrets in this book. Applying these secrets and becoming intentional about growth made his career explode. Seemingly overnight, he became a leader in his industry, a philanthropist who provides free homes to wounded veterans, and a winner of major awards for leadership, culture, philanthropy, and home building. In this book, David shares his insights to help readers fast-track their growth.

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“Like a well-written guidebook for exploring the wilderness, David Belman has crafted an important tool for emerging leaders (young and old) for succeeding in the wild, wild world of growing your personal brand and your business. His growth hacks will help you save time, effort, and money and get you to the top of the mountain first!”

— Wayne Breitbarth, author of The Power Formula for Linkedin: Kick-Start Your Business, Brand and Job Search

What You Will Learn From This Book

Personal Growth

Leadership Growth Hacks will inspire you to be a better version of yourself.  You will develop a hunger for constant growth that will propel you forward in life.

Conquer Fear

Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your dreams.  Tear fear APART© with our unique method which will help you tackle anything.

Become a Trusted Source

Part of becoming a leader is to be a trusted resource to your industry and your clients, learn how you can be the person your industry looks up to.

Diagnose People

Ever wonder how some people can get anyone to do anything?  Want to know how to make someone like you, listen to you, and respond favorably?  This book can help you!

Maximize Your Efficiency

Feel like you are falling further behind?  Get control of your day with some simple tools, and suggestions to make you instantly more productive.

Have an Amazing Personal Brand

People don’t buy companies anymore, they buy YOU first.  Learn the steps of how to craft a personal brand that will bring the right people to you.

Be the Top Choice

Most people have a short list for go to people.  This book will help you shoot to the top of anyone’s list and you will find yourself with and abundance of new opportunities

Attract the Best People

You will discover ways to bring quality people into your life that can improve your career, become your team members, or lead you to the next great thing in life.

Build Your Legacy

If you died tomorrow, what would people say about you?  Are you living your life on your terms?  You will discover how a simple shift in your mindset can put you on the path to living your best life.

Control Your Time

Time is the one resource that everyone has the same amount of.  Learn simple tips to get control of your time once and for all and get more accomplished than you ever thought possible.

“When you look up leadership in the Dictionary, you’ll see David Belman’s face staring right back at you.  He is the quintessential leader, and I have learned so much over the years from this remarkable man.  Leadership Growth Hacks is a must-read for any serious student of the leadership field and the words of wisdom contained within this book will forever change your life, just like they did mine.”

— Paul M. Neuberger, international keynote speaker and author of The Secrets to Cold Call Success: Close More Business in Less Time Than Ever Before

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