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Hack your leadership growth today - Get the free resources from David's book!

David is an engaging speaker who has powerful insight for leaders.  Whether speaking in person or at a virtual event, he is adept at getting to the heart of what his audience needs to know.

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Powerful Insight for Leaders

One-hour keynotes, half/full-day workshops, and consulting

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Keynote Speaker Topics

Leadership growth hacks - A guide for emerging leaders to think differently and kickstart their careers

Based on David’s bestselling book, learn the keys to fully unlocking your leadership potential.  No matter if you are a high performing CEO or you are just getting started in your career, this seminar will help jumpstart your leadership abilities and take you to the next level.

7 Deadly Sins that Destroy a Business and the Skills You Need to Succeed

David’s powerful keynote speech featured at the Young Guns Event highlights how he went from an ordinary builder and business owner to the best builder in Wisconsin featured all over the news.  David’s story will inspire you to think differently about your growth, your business and your purpose.   The talk also highlights the common pitfalls that can tear apart your business and how to take your company to the next level.

Time Management Mastery

Are you and your team constantly fighting against the clock and not as productive as you should be?  David’s Time Management Mastery session will help you take back control of your schedule by helping you identify your “time sucks” and help you develop the tools and plans to maximize your efficiency.

Creating a surefire sales process to close more business

Are you quoting tons of projects and not landing them?   Tired of getting ghosted by your customers?  Nothing can increase your closing conversion rate more than a well-defined sales process.  David walks you through his proven sales process that has been carefully crafted and fine-tuned.  You will learn how to move the right leads forward, to de-select the wrong buyers, save time, eliminate mistakes, get new people up and running faster, and close more business

Speaking your buyer’s language

Nothing is more frustrating that spending tons of time chasing leads or working with clients and not getting anywhere.  Learn your buyer’s hidden decision matrix so you can adapt your approach, your language and follow ups.   This program will help you and your sales team build credibility, trust, confidence and ultimately earn the sale.

Consulting Services

Need to stoke the fire in your leadership team?  Does your company need some inspiration?  Does your company have some emerging leaders that need a push to propel them to the next level?  Hire David to come and consult with your team.

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